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For over a decade Marina Del Rey has been committed to offering seafood consumers with the best quality seafood products.

The #1 Selling Wild Argentinian Shrimp Brand in Canada

Marina Del Rey was inspired by a trip to the sea.

Marina Del Rey was inspired by a trip to the sea. Mother Nature has some well-kept gems, and it’s about time she shares her secrets, which is why for over a decade we have been committed to offer the best quality of seafood products. Once you try Marina Del Rey’s seafood, you’ll realize that there is nothing else like it.

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Here are some recipes to cook your seafood in many different ways.

Quality Seafood Inspired by Nature!

Our team works to find the most skilled expertise for our products with BAP certified producers!

At Marina Del Rey we strive to stand out on being different! Delicious Shrimps raised in Ecuador. We believe in Food Safety and BEST quality!

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